Journey North, Day 3-4

Woke up to a partly cloudy day with no rain. Did a leisurely run up to the border, but it was 4pm and I was tired. Stayed at the KOA since it was close to the Border Crossing at Sumas. I figured it would have WiFi and everything. Sigh…no love.

Hit the border at 8:30am and it had a small line with 8 cars. I was stressing from reading horror stories from others with RVs. Kinda like being singled out by the TSA for a cavity search. So I had everything ready, and… the lady asked like 6 questions and waved me on. I was relieved, but…

I shoulda kept those apples.

It was drizzling, and in my drama with the crossing didn’t take any pictures; not that there was anything worth a picture. The crossing was ugly and utilitarian. The big crossing at I-5 is supposed to have an arch or something, but it was way West (40 miles around), the crossing is much busier and with the morning Vancouver traffic, well, I avoided all that.

My phone suddenly had a text from AT&T informing me I could purchase a day of roaming. Sure enough, I had nothing. So I texted “Buy” and still no data. I dug into the options and turned on “International Data Roaming” and it worked! Google maps works! <whew!>

It was then I realized I had forgotten to notify my credit card companies I was traveling. <groan> So, sitting in the parking lot of Costco I got all that done. By this time Costco was open so I strolled in and compared the experience. Meh, much the same as N. Cal. Many of the food items were different, but that is regional anyway.

So I hit the road taking Trans-Canada Hwy-1, which was much slower than the first 1,000 miles because it was following a river. In the Mountains. In a light rain. Which is pretty much the way it’s going to be from now on. I stopped for the night north of the town of Cache Creek.

There are some serious fires in Alberta near the border of British Columbia, but nothing so far on my route. Hopefully my luck will hold.

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