Journey North, Yukon and drama

Still working on the miles. Damn, BC is HUGE. And beautiful. It’s spring time here and everything is green and inviting. The rivers are wide and the valleys are stunning. And they have so many of them it’s mind boggling.

Typical small town

Spending the night north of Prince George; a decent size town for up here. Most are tiny.

I have Drama with my debit card, of all things. I bank with Patelco Credit union and called them to let them know about the trip, so everything should work. I tried the Debit card to pull some Canadian cash at a supermarket, and it was declined! I tried again and it took it as a Credit Card. So, no cash. I went to the next town that had a Walmart and tried again. This time it simply worked as a Credit card.

I checked my email and Patelco had JUST sent me a notice yesterday that they mailed me a new Debit card. Great… I’m 1,500 miles from home and they sent me a new card. So I called them asking why my existing card broke, and they can’t figure out why it won’t work. They helpfully, pinky-promise say the new card should work wonderfully. Right. Meanwhile I’m five to six days from the Alaskan border and have only $300 cash. There is nowhere in Canada I want to spend a week waiting for mail, so I’ll have to tough it out till I can get to Fairbanks. That’s another 1,700 miles from where I am. Sigh…nothing is easy.

Wow…a full day, 300 miles, no cell service. I guess that’s going to be the norm from now on. Almost no one up here has high speed internet. The few places like RV parks have “Satellite Internet”, which is just a bit faster than dial up.

The further north I go, the dryer it gets. Talked to an older gentleman at a two pump gas station who told me the northern BC and the Yukon are in a drought with record low river levels. Now we know where the May rain that hit N. Cal came from. Screwy weather.

With Day 7 I finally hit the animal jackpot! I saw NO animals up until today. Today started with a Fox on the side of the road. Then a Bear. Then three more bears. Then a herd of Bighorn sheep. Then four more bears. Then a bunch of Bison. The problem is taking pictures!!!! I don’t see them until I’m on top of them, then they run. I only captured two with one funny. (Guess what movies the funny came from)

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