Journey North, day 2

Woke up to snowflakes. Damn it, it’s May! It turned to rain and I continued my trek playing leapfrog with Simi’s. In the rain.

Did I mention rain?

AllStays App

I should explain my travel. I generally stop every 60-90 minutes because driving a travel trailer (TT) is stressful. Much more so than a car. So I need a chance to stretch, nature break, grab a snack, etc. The Rest Areas on major routes are a godsend as they have the truck lanes to park in.

My total length, Truck + TT, is 47ft. I can’t just pull into any parking lot, or the average gas station. So I need a way to locate large gas stations and Rest Areas. There’s an App for that! I use “Allstate”. It’s geared to RVs and truckers and very easy to locate services and camping.

To the right is a screenshot of a TA truck stop. Lots of info, including the No RV overnight parking. But when I need a hot meal they usually have something.

The App is great to plan the travel day. I look ahead 70-100 miles, find something, set Google and I’m off. Much easier.

The last picture is me tonight, Tuesday, parked at the Baldock Rest Area south of Portland. It’s a HUGE Rest Area; room for nearly 100 trucks.

Tomorrow I’ll make it to just south of the Canadian Border. I’d rather cross in the morning on Thursday when I’m fresh. Right now I’m busy eating apples before I have to pitch the rest of the bag. I’ll buy more once I’m in Canada.

Cell service sucks right now so I can’t preview this page. 😖

Oh, well. I’ll fix it the morning if it’s too borked.

One thought on “Journey North, day 2

  1. Hi Michael

    Your blogs are entertaining, informative with your unique sense of humor! They are a joy. Good luck … hope the rain slows down … it has rained in May in Arizona, so can’t believe what you may be facing.

    Take care. More later.

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