Journey North, Day 1

I likely won’t do a daily blog of the drive to Alaska unless something interesting comes up, which I don’t think will happen until I reach the Canadian border.

Today opened with clear skies and low 60’s. Wonderful weather for traveling. That lasted until Reading where it started to rain. Finally reached the town of Weed and pulled into a small RV Park: Friendly RV Park. Well, sort of friendly. The office was closed with a sign to “Take an Envelope, park in a spot and deposit the money”.

The WiFi, as usual, was abysmal; Too many others trying to watch Netflix. Still, a safe place to sit out the rain.

The forecast is rain Tuesday as well until I get north of Eugene. I should make it somewhere between Eugene and Portland on Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Journey North, Day 1

  1. Best o’ luck, Michael. I may not comment on every blog entry but I certainly will be enjoying each and every update of your new adventure in Alaska.


  2. Have you tried using Boondocker’s welcome? It’s only $30 a year and you can stay at places free if you make a reservation usually a day I had of time. Much cheaper and probably a lot more friendly than an RV park. Enjoy your travels.


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