Leaving for Alaska

Well, it’s finally happening. Tomorrow, Monday (baring unforeseen gremlins) I finally hit the road for Alaska. I’ve been looking forward to this for months. I’m packed and ready.

Which means I’ve likely left some critical item off the list. I have my passport, ID, extra keys, clothes… meh, I’m sure it’ll hit me later.

The beginning hasn’t started out well. I spent a LOT on money on a Solar system to run the Fridge while traveling. Annnnd it’s been raining for the last five days. Kinda hard to harvest the sun when it won’t show! Still, I have to leave sometime and Monday has a break in the storms.

11 thoughts on “Leaving for Alaska

  1. Have a safe journey, We met years ago at the snow class. I have been following you for a while on the web.Sure hope the solar holds up after all that work that you have put into it. Just be careful and alert there are more creeps out there so keep an eye out at all times.


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    • Yes, I’ll be on the road for Father’s Day and my B-Day. It’s OK, tho. I’m a phone call away.

      Yeah, I’ll be leaving the Grizzlies alone, thank you very much! I have Bear Spray, but I can’t bring it into Canada! ??? Sooo many things you can’t bring over the border. Kinda crazy.

      So I’ll be buying some up there. 😎


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