On to Crater Lake

Saturday, 7/21

Hiked the 2 miles out of Fish Lake then another 12.5 to the next water, Christi’s Spring. That was it for today.

Starting to get serious mosquitoes now. šŸ˜– It’s always a joy playing the squish game when you climb inside your tent and go after the ‘skitters that snuck in.

Sunday, 7/22

It’s a 15 mile run to the next stream and campsite, but there’s a small lake a half mile off trail at 10 miles. Score!

The mosquitoes were awful for the first 8 miles. Luckily I had my head net. Best 1oz of gear I own. Otherwise they’d have driven me mad.

The haze thickened right after dinner. Really thick! We must have another fire. I still can’t smell smoke, so maybe it’s far enough away. šŸ˜ž

Monday, 7/23

It’s 22 miles to Mazama, the little store next to Crater Lake. And NO WATER for the whole way.

So I have to carry 6 liters of water. (Heavy! 13.2lbs!)

Not sure I want to try a 22 mile day, so I’ll likely camp at the 15 mile point. It’ll make an easy day Tuesday. I’m looking forward to showers and laundry.

I headed off, dropping down in elevation and back to big-ville. Ugh. After 6 miles I entered the burnout area. Ugly, burned husks of trees many of which fell right onto the trail. Fun! At least no mosquitoes. (Thing positive)

The burnout extends nearly all the way to Crater Lake, so finding a campsite proved difficult. The existing ones were gone: no trees, no shade, often not even a flat spot left.

I finally found a small area where the trees weren’t all burnt and had an almost flat spot. Score!

If there’s a good side to the constant haze, it has dropped the temperature somewhat. Otherwise the sun would be merciless when I’m on those exposed ridges.

I just realized I passed the 1800mile mark. I have hiked over 300 miles since July 1st. Woo Hoo! It just feels like 3,000.

Tuesday, 7/24

Got up early to make the 7 mile stumble to Mazama. I should have brought more water; 6 liters wasn’t quite enough. I have less than 1 liter to last me the 7 miles. šŸ˜„

Made it!!!!

I made a bee-line to the restaurant. Now I just hiked 5 days, the last 15 miles of which was through a burnout zone and I’m covered in soot. I look ( and feel) filthy.

The waiter looked me up and down and reluctantly led me to a table in the back. šŸ˜„

No cell svc, but I purchased WiFi so I can update.

Next are showers and laundry so I don’t FEEL like a bum.

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