Fun in Mazama

Frustrated. I went to the shower in the campground and no soap. Luckily I had a bit so now I feel better. I walked back to the store where the laundry was, and was told they sold out of detergent. WTF???

Some other hikers had used shampoo and gave me the bottle. Hiker ingenuity!!!

And it worked! Not as good as Tide, but it’s MUCH cleaner.

Here’s a picture of my left foot. I know I’m a whiny hiker, but this is why my speed isn’t higher.

I think I’ll be doing a zero here. Maybe two.

One thought on “Fun in Mazama

  1. Crybaby my arse! I wouldn’t be able do do a darn thing if I had that kind of injury. You are the MAN!….But take care of that foot, Ok!
    Man this is a hard section, can’t you find some level ground somewhere?
    Stay cool, stay hydrated, stay calm and stay the course!
    Bill P
    The LOF

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