The Cascade range is volcanic

Wednesday, 7/18

Arrived at Hyatt Lake campground looking for water. Nope. ???!! 😑

Apparently the water system is contaminated and there is zero budget to fix it. (Thank you BLM) Hiked 2 miles to the Hyatt Resort, bought a meal, watered up and went back to the trail. Since it was 4:30 I camped here.

Thursday, 7/19

Made it to the next water, a spring from a meadow and camped. Finding water in Oregon this year is tough. Pretty much all of the “Seasonal” streams are dry.

Friday, 7/20

The smoke haze seems to be worse today.

Having an early lunch at cabin/shelter. At least there’s water! Next water is another 10 miles at Fish Lake. That’ll be an 18 mile day.

then I hit the lava rocks. Boy, did I hit them.

Miles and miles of them. Well over half of the 10 miles was in lava fields. And they weren’t smooth. Jagged rocks with red pebbles make for a slip and slide.

When I arrived at the junction, the sign said TWO miles to the lake. So this was a 20 mile day.

I’m exhausted and my feet really don’t like me. Same with my left ankle. (Nasty lava rock)

Tomorrow will be a short day. 52 miles to Crater Lake. Meanwhile I’m camped on the lake and have 2 bars of 4g.

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