Seiad to Ashland

Friday, 7/13

Friday the 13th!!! Oh my.

I slept poorly on the lawn. It was warm and while the road had few cars and trucks, it was jarring when they passed.

Miserable trudge out of Seiad Valley. I just had to wait till the restaurant opened at 7am. I wanted my eggs, darn it.

It was a long uphill that was in the shade part of the morning, but was hot through most of the day.

My feet are not happy.

Saturday, 7/14

Slept well, it was cooler last night and cloudy this morning. Maybe it might rain?

By the afternoon it still hadn’t rained, but I could hear thunder occasionally.

Sunday, 7/15

Noisy night with occasional thunder. I got rained on twice, but I was OK with it as it kept the temperature down.

I reached the California/Oregon border!!!

I have officially finished California! Woo Hoo!

Monday, 7/16

Another hot damned day. Ugh. Should reach Ashland tomorrow.

The volcanic rock is killing me.

I’m on a ridge with cell svc, sending this.

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