So good to be clean…

I took a long, cool shower in Seiad. It felt SO good, then I stepped out and started sweating again. 😝

Took a look at the temp and it’s still 97 outside!!! Official high was 107. I can confirm that it sure felt like it.

I also confirmed the store/restaurant won’t open till 7am, not 6am like I thought. 😑

No early start for me! Darn it. I really want that breakfast, so I’ll be starting that looong huge hill climb at 8am-ish. It’ll already be 80… πŸ˜–

I should mention food. Here it is 8pm and I haven’t had dinner yet. And I’m not hungry. Not good. I realize it’s hot, but after a 16 mile day I should be hungry. I hate forcing myself to eat. πŸ˜–

Tired of hiker foot already.

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