Etna to Seiad Valley

Monday, 7/9

Got dropped off at Echo Summit right at noon. Water was 10.7 miles away, so that was my goal for today.

My feet felt a bit sore, but nothing like last week. I kept the speed down and arrived just after 6pm. My feet feel great!!!

I’d jump for joy and dance a jig, except it’s hard on the feet. πŸ™„

I’ll take today as a win, quietly.

Nice picture with no haze at Echo Summit:

Trail pic and a trail register:

Tuesday, 7/10

Wonderful night; crisp and cool. I woke to the damned bell, but dozed off till 6am anyway.

Last evening a trail crew came by, followed by three women on horseback with a pack train of five mules. They let the animals loose in the meadow I was camped next to, and one of the mules was belled. Darned mule was all over the meadow till after dark and was up at dawn. 😝

Only bad is the smoky haze is back. Ugh.

Wednesday, 7/11

Another nice night. I love these cool nights and will miss them when I camp below 6,000ft.

Clean water strategy. One of the nice things about springs at high elevation is that they can be relied upon to be clean. There are no cows up here; Just snow melt into springs.

But what about lakes, creeks and streams. I carry a water filter for cases where the water is suspect (Sawyer Squeeze) and I used it yesterday for the first time.

That water where I camped was a creek that was the outflow of a meadow. I usually filter meadow water because you don’t know what’s been walking through. Sure enough, that pack train released all their horses and mules to run, graze and poop in that same meadow. Luckily I had already got my water. It was just a good reminder my instincts were right.

The hike today started the long decent to Seiad Valley. This is where the trail crosses the Klamath River. Now I know the trail builders had a sense of humor. They purposely built the damned trail to cross on top of a 6,950ft mountain just so I can decent to 1,374ft when I cross the river. Seriously? Thanks for nuttun.

Well, hiking down steep trails is almost as slow as steep uphills. Not sure if I’m going to make the river tomorrow or stop midway. I know it’s going to be HOT (Over 100) so afternoon hiking doesn’t sound fun. We’ll see.

Thursday, 7/12

Heat. Not fun at all. I trudged into the Grider Creek campground just after noon and the temperature was already 98.3. I was beat. The walk downhill had sapped my energy.

It was 10.9 miles from my campsite and I had another 6.5 mile road walk into Seiad where I understood the one restaurant would likely be closed by the time I got there. (open 6-2pm) So I decided to hang in the shade until the heat abated.

By 3pm it was 104 and the shade barely tolerable. It was like Mohave all over again.

4pm: 104.9. <Groan>

And no cell svc. Also, no people. One couple came by to drop off a car for a pair of women arriving tomorrow. Their car was full of camping gear so no ride for me. (Yes, I considered skipping 6.5 miles of road walk/PCT. It is too hot to care right now)

Well, I made it to the store at 7:30pm. Annnnd it closed at 7pm. πŸ˜–

All in all, a 16+ mile day and I’m whipped.

The trailer park next door has a hiker special: $15 gets a shower, WiFi, coin laundry and a place to set up your tent. Gold!

Oh, two knuckleheads decided to get out of 5 miles of the road walk by fording the Klamath! Don’t know if they made it…haven’t seen them here yet. Here they are:

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