I’m off and hiking again

I am so done with inactivity. My feet are somewhat better after sitting around Saturday and Sunday. Reading Kindle ebooks and Fark just go so far as something to do.

Waiting on USPS to deliver the insoles from Amazon. I’m ready to leave within minutes afterwards, hopefully early enough to hit the trail. It’s 10.7 miles to the next water once I’m on trail and I’d rather not hike in the dark. 😝

Monday, 7/9

Had a small breakfast and sat around waiting for the mail. It came! My new inserts. Hopefully they make a difference along with the taping.

I’m super happy I’m hitting the trail before noon. Next update when I get to Seiad Valley where the PCT crosses the Klamath River. Roughly 60 miles.

Here is old and new.

3 thoughts on “I’m off and hiking again

  1. Eeeuw…Peeeeyew!!! My Smell O Vision must have been set On! Oh NO!!! it was from my old socks and boots next to me!
    Sorry about that!
    Those new insoles should give some relief to your feet.
    Be careful it’s the down hill trail that can punish the feet, tread lightly where you can.

    Bill, The LOF

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