Epson Salts and boredom

The Hiker Hut has plastic tubs and epson salts to soak feet. I’ve never done that, but it might help, so why not?

Otherwise it’s boring sitting or laying around all day. Very, very boring. πŸ™„

The soak was nice with my feet feeling softer.

Not much to do except look at news of the Klamathon Fire northwest of here. Basically about 7-8 days hiking ahead when I finally leave. Apparently it closed I-5 earlier this week and reached the Oregon border. Hopefully the trail won’t be closed when I get there. 😟 The haze I hiked with this week was from fires south of me.

Fires: The new normal.

Talked with some other hikers who recommended KT taping my feet for relief. Sounds good! Got to beg, borrow or steal some KT tape. And scissors. And a cute nurse to apply it while I’m at it. 😜

I also ordered new inserts from Amazon for my shoes. Should arrive Monday, which with how my feet feel resting two days works fine with me. My shoes are Brooks Cascadia 12s and I’ll stick with them till at least Ashland, OR.

Update: Per the web, they just closed the PCT trail in southern Oregon. Peachy. I’m over a week away so hopefully they’ll have things contained by then.

Well, I tried taping my feet and the pain is significantly reduced. Of course, I’m not wearing a pack. 😜

We’ll see if resting Sunday will help more.

One thought on “Epson Salts and boredom

  1. I have not heard of KT Tape. I Googled, of course, and it looks like it can be helpful. They have On-line videos to help with the applications of the tape.
    Possible remedy to some foot pain!!!
    Sorry for the fire delay, I have faith you will complete the PCT
    The LOF


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