Onwards towards Etna

Wednesday, July 4

Woke to hazy skies. I realized it looks like a fire somewhere, but I can’t smell smoke. The hazy skies continued all day, sometimes heavy. It’s a shame because these mountains are beautiful. They call these the Trinity Alps for a reason.

Likely some damned idiot with fireworks.

Here is a picture of the haze. There are some really nice peaks you can’t see.


Thursday, 7/5

I’ve seen very few people on the trail, which is nice. The bulk of the hikers are still around Lake Tahoe (Mile 1,090) while I’m at 1,570. So I have hours of peaceful hiking with nothing but the sounds of wind, water from creeks/springs, birds and pesky insects.

There’s also no fighting for campsites. This can happen since the PCT permits caps headcount at 50 people per day at the Mexican border. In Southern Cal it’s a mob scene descending on a few campsites.

So I’m enjoying the solitude.

Not too bad hiking but my Feet are still sore and still have some fire haze.

Friday, 7/6

Haze somewhat less, but any haze spoils the experience. My feet are the issue now: really, really bruised on the bottom. I’m concerned it may lead to full Planters Fasciitis which takes a real long time to heal.

The issue is rocks; the terrain is very rocky with less dirt. Just miles of uneven, sharp, broken rocks. I understand most of Oregon is that way as well. 😥

Saturday, 7/7

Made it to the Etna Summit! Mile 1599.7, or close enough to 1600. This means I have done 100 miles this week and have just 500 to go!

Got a ride into Etna, a cool small town and I’m staying at a nice B&B with a separate bunkhouse for hikers.

Oh, lord my feet are trashed. This means I may need a zero, even though I wanted to leave Sunday.

Below is Alderbrook Manor. They even have bikes people can use. Not sure my feet can handle pedals. 😖

3 thoughts on “Onwards towards Etna

  1. I’m going to put your feet on my prayer list, take care of those! The scenery is really lovely, and so glad you’re not having to deal with a lot of other hikers on the trail!

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  2. Take a zero day! Take care of those feet! Maybe double up on the socks or shoe pads?
    You are golden if your feet or taken care of.
    Best of everything!
    The Lone Old Fart (LOF)

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