Leaving Burney SP

Burney Falls is unique because over half of the water comes from the hill itself

Our Zero in Burney was nice overall marred by the rude employees in the little store. They seemed to be rude to everybody, so it was hard to take it personally. 

Monday, July 4th——-

We said goodbye to Mt Lassen and watched Mt Shasta loom larger whenever we crested a ridge. The forest changed as well. It would seem these hills get the rainfall because it was lush compared to the desert we went over for Hat Creek. Much more pleasant to hike through. 

We had 4,000ft of uphill and while the wrap for my left knee was helping, when I pulled into camp 17 miles later I was doing poorly. 

Tuesday, July 5th——-

Not as tough a day as Monday, and my knee did better. Still weaker than the right and in pain much of the day. Not optimal. 

We should pull into Castella/Dunsmere on Friday. I will have to decide if I should take time off or not. Not happy about this. 😦

East side of Mt Shasta

Sunset through my tent screen

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