Onward to Castella/Dunsmure and a split…

The forest has stayed lush with massive old growth fir mixed in with young green trees as we said our final goodbyes to Mt Shasta.  The weather has stayed warm and dry for several days. This is hiker heaven. 

It is also nice we picked the dates we did. The huge flood of hikers are still in the Sierras. (There were almost 4,000 permits issued this year)  We see maybe 2-6 people a day on the trail, which is wonderful. No fighting for campsites!  

On Friday as we neared Castella we noticed several logging operations actively harvesting trees. One right next to the trail! Here is one with Mt Shasta in the background:

Here is the one on trail. Note the cables crossing the trail!

During this six day journey we climbed down into and out of two river valleys: McCloud River and Squaw Valley Creek. The additional loss and gain has put stress on my already sore knee and it has become clear I cannot continue the hike; I must go home and see a doctor. 

Like the man said: “Eating ibuprofen like candy ain’t the way to live your life, son”

Still, in the almost 30 days since we started at Donner Pass, Turtle and I have hiked over 340 miles!  Added to last year, I will have hiked 2,140 miles of the PCT. 

The professor has to go back home to his family as planned, so the professor and I will hop Amtrak in Dunsmure; he to Sacramento and I to Stockton.  Turtle will continue by himself on the PCT for the final 600 miles, and has my blessings. 

Sadly, this blog won’t continue to cover his progress. 


Here is the professor making a Hiker Burrito: a Nature Valley bar covered in peanut butter. One of 7 zillion variations. 

I’ll miss water from springs:

Good travels, My friend!  May the trail be good. At least one of us will finish the trail this year!

5 thoughts on “Onward to Castella/Dunsmure and a split…

  1. Sucks you can’t finish, everything happens for a reason though. I have throughly enjoyed all your posts, looking forward to each new one. The PCT is on my bucket list as I have just retired and need to get in a little better shape before taking it on. Take care and I hope you get to finish someday!

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  2. Damn!…. Well it’s best to take some time and heal the knee(s).
    Really do enjoy your blog.
    Take care 360’s you make one hell of a team.

    One of the Edison Old Farts (2015)

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  3. So bummed to hear you have to head home although I’m sure not half as bummed as you. Have enjoyed reading about your adventures and seeing your beautiful pictures. Also sorry to lose contact with Pat aka Turtle. Your blog has been our way of staying informed on how he’s doing. Hope to meet you in person some day and hear about more of your PCT adventures.

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  4. Gentlemen: Thanks for all the great stories and pics from your 2- season effort. Sorry you have to hang it up so close to finishing, but as a 59+ hiker, I can relate to the aches and pains and limitations that come with age. However, it’s important to push back against Father Time wherever and whenever possible, so I hope you can finish your trek soon. My hiking partner and I are prepping for some pct sections hikes (the 260’s?) now, so heal up and maybe we will meet you out there one day!

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