Zero at Burney’s

We arrived at Burney State Park around noon. Even though it is a holiday weekend, they have an area set aside for “Hiker/Bikers” off in the far corner of the campground. It’s just $5/person per night. The showers are coin (5 quarters for 5 minutes) and they have two deep sinks behind the showers for hand-washing clothes. Very “Hiker Friendly”!  

The park is full this weekend, which for hikers used to solitude is tough!  Fortunately the Hiker/Biker area is far enough away (1/10 mile) that we don’t see nor hear the Rabble.  Not that they don’t try!  The campsite closest to our area had a generator running all afternoon. We didn’t hear it. πŸ˜„

We decided to take Sunday as a Zero day, and I will attempt to hitch into the tiny town of Burney. I need both ibuprofen and a knee something-or-other. (Wrap, brace, etc)

Sunday, July 3rd——-

There was no cell service anywhere in the park, but a pay phone outside of the mini mart. It didn’t work. πŸ˜– The people in the store will almost surly. Bad attitudes. It’s not “Their Phone”…

The visitor center had wifi and I was able to call over wifi to a trail angel for a ride into Berney.  

They have a Rite Aid pharmacy that actually had knee wraps!  It works!!!  I could walk almost without pain. The wrap is bulky, and will likely be hot while hiking, but so far seems to be a solution. 

After a nice breakfast I’ll get back to the Park and actually sight see!  I might even take pictures. πŸ˜„

Feeling hopeful.


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