Of hot springs and volcanos

The name Butt means something in these parts. There’s Butt mountain, Butt overlook, Butt lake, and all the little Butt trails. My poor head is filled with puns…I’ll just put this region behind us. <ouch>

There are lots of burned areas where the fires were recent; within 5 years. When you walk for 4-5 hours a day seeing nothing but husks of dead trees, it’s depressing. The Professor imagined Zombies jumping out from behind dead trees. We all chuckled because it fits: Dead forest, dead people. 

We hiked a little faster after that. 

Then we hit the meadows which are full from the recent snow melt and the mosquitos are at peak. Huge clouds of them follow us around. It makes us take fewer breaks as they seem to bother moving targets less as we raced for the ridges of dead trees.  We couldn’t win. 

We entered Lassen National Park on Sunday though we have been seeing glimpses of the volcano for days, and each time it gets closer. The volcano last erupted around 1914 (??? Somewhere around there) and the features are still active. We passed a hot springs lake very much like Yellowstone, with steam vents and mud pots. Luckily it’s still dormant…we don’t need that kind of excitement!  Still the icy volcano pops up daily as we moved  north. We are now northwest of it and will soon turn westward passing it on its north side. 

We passed the official Half Way point on the PCT!  That would be more exciting if we hadn’t already done more than half of the miles already. 

My left knee hurts. A week ago I fell crossing the East Bear Trap Creek, and I must have done some damage. That and the constant pounding of 14-17 mile days hauling a pack up and down hills has caused it to get worse. We plan on making Old Station resort Tuesday and I will take my first “Zero Day”.  (A day with Zero miles hiked)  Hopefully the day off will allow the swelling to subside.  Turtle and I will have hiked 214 miles by then. 

Well, we stopped at Old Station Resort, which was really a campground with some cabins. They had $3 showers and coin washer/dryers but no laundry soap. (???)  the staff was not really into helping hikers. 

I still need the Zero Day, so we are staying two nights at a campground 4 miles up because there is a restaurant nearby with wifi!  Yet again I have no cell service. 😖

Below are pictures!  Enjoy. 

Skip/Professor grabing water

different sides to the “Halfway Post”

2 thoughts on “Of hot springs and volcanos

  1. Not sure what phone you have but I have a Samsung S5 with Verizon service. I just had a software update that allows me to make phone calls at no extra charge through a wifi connection instead of a cell phone tower.


    • Dayna, i have an iphone6s with att. In So Cal it did wonderfully with service on many ridges tops and all towns. No Cal is Verizon land and att just doesn’t have the coverage. I can also call on wifi *IF* the connection is decent. Most restaurants, etc. aren’t fast or stable enough.


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