Travel to Old Station

Thursday, Jun 23——-

The travel from Belden Town up the long canyon was the most interesting and difficult that any of us could remember.  The difficulty was not just the elevation change from 2,000ft to 7,000ft, it was also the poor trail maintence. Downed trees and large bushes overgrowing the trail. We even had to ford streams three times. Turtle fell twice, once badly crossing a stream.  (He’s fine, other than bruised knees and elbow)

It was interesting as well: We saw bears!  We hadn’t seen a single bear last year, and we now saw the second one in three days. Still no pictures; they run and hide too quickly. 

It is also interesting to note the change in foliage.  The trees we are used to,  Pine, Oak and Douglas Fir are steadily replaced by Nobel Fir. 

All in all though, we are glad to put that section behind us. 

Friday, Jun 24——-

After a great night we had a good hiking day. The peaks are volcanic and the trail rocky, but overall nice. 

Above is Mt Lassen looking closer. Below…I have no idea what Cub-Butt is, and we didn’t want to view it!

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