The 360’s are back!

360 = Three guys over 60.  My group is now Turtle, the Professor and myself, Half-Fast. 

Wednesday, Jun 15 ——-

We had camped next to the trail head on Hwy-49, so got an early start on the long climb northward. In seven miles we would climb from 4,500ft to 7,400ft.  It was made worse with the wind. 

The weather changed and it was overcast and cool when we set out. The higher we climbed, the colder and stronger the wind. When we finally hit the first ridge (1,500ft higher) it was gusty enough to move you, and cold. We were in our puffy jackets and hiking to stay warm. 

The trail followed the open hillside and ridges, the view obscured by clouds. We made an early camp when it started to snow. We sat huddled in our tents as the wind howled and the snow came and went. 

Poor Professor!  His first day back on the trail, and he’s hit with high gains and snow!

Thursday, Jun 16 ——-

Morning dawned cloudy, cold and windy. Anything outside of the tent froze overnight.  But there was no additional snow accumulation, which was awesome. 

The trail today was again mostly ridge tops, with us in the middle of the clouds.  We couldn’t see a damned thing till noon with the sun playing tag with us the rest of the day.  The scenery is truly amazing when you can see it!

We still wish it was summer!  The only good thing to the cold and wind: no bugs. We know we will hit peak mosquito season at some point, and will look fondly back on these days. Trading one misery for another…  

Friday, Jun  17 ——-

Woke to sunshine as the sun peaked under the clouds as it rose. Sadly it was lost in the clouds as the sky turned leaden. Light rain dogged us in the morning turning to windy as the clouds broke slightly in the afternoon. We may finally have seen the last of the snow! 

I fell. Again. This time crossing the applly named “Little Bear Trap Creek”.  Falling with a 40lb pack on is a different expirence since while the weight is centered while walking, once you are off axis it’s like hands that push you down. Hard. This time I face planted. Bruised knees and forehead are added to the aches of hiking. 

Turtle, being the caring friend is counting how many falls I’ve had since Donner Pass. (5)  So kind. 

Saturday, Jun 18 ——-

Heavy rain and thunder all night.  My tent does its job, but the condensation means it rained inside, too. 😦  By morning everything inside was wet, and the rain was still coming down.  The rain finally quit around 11am and we stopped on a hillside to dry our tents and gear, glad to be in the sun again. 

The rest of the day was partly cloudy, but things were drying up…finally! 

Sunday, Jun 19 ——-

Tough day. We had to cross the Middle Fork of the Feather River, which meant hiking down the gorge and back up. 3,000ft down and 4,000ft up in 12 miles.

We’re running low on some things, like toilet paper (!) so we are doing an unplanned visit to Bucks Lake, a resort 6 miles off trail. We also haven’t showered in over eight days. It’s time. 

Oh, and Happy Fathers Day to me. Still no cell svc since Donner Pass, so can’t contact the kids. 😦

Monday, Jun 20——-

Nice morning, got started early and did the eight miles to the Bucks Lake Resort, which is 4 miles off trail. Their tiny store had TP!  I’m happy now. Still no Cell service. 😢

Bucks Lodge has showers and WiFi !  I’m on my 9th day without a shower and I’m offending myself. 😞 but at least I can finally update this blog. 

Posting the Blog from here out will get schetchy. There was no cell service in Sierra City. The General Store DID have WiFi; so I could post the last Blog. However, finding Cell Service on ridge tops simply may not happen from now on; I’m too remote. 

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