We made it to Belden, a tiny resort with a hotel/restaurant/bar/store.  We were ready. It had been a 17 mile day with a huge 4,500ft downhill at the end and our legs were suffering. Still no cell service for ATT!  😞  Thank goodness they have wifi so I can do the blog. It’s just irritating. 

The weather had improved to nearly perfect for hiking; cool with clear skys. Despite the mosquitos, it was heavenly hiking through the forests up on the ridge. 

We decided to stay one night as we all needed the R&R.  I even have sunburn under my nose from the snow.  I’m washing my clothes right now wearing my bathing suit and puffy jacket. Everything else is in the washer.  We’ll leave after lunch, hike 5 miles up the hill and spend tonight there. 

Silver Lake from the ridge

We don’t filter spring water!

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