Downhill to Sierra City

Monday, Jun 13

I do like spring camping in snow country; Cool, crisp evenings with no bugs.  It took 2 hours, but once we were out of the snow our pace picked up.

These are some pretty hills with wonderful hidden lakes. The vistas from the ridge tops were grand.  The snow just left these parts, so the spring bloom was in full force. (And nats, flys, etc)

We ended up doing 12 miles, again taking it easy. This leaves us 9 miles to get to Sierra City on Tuesday, where I have both a resupply box and a big burger waiting. Not sure which I’m more excited about right now. 😄

Tuesday, Jun 14

Spent the night on a wind-swept ridge top. It was nice to see the morning sun earlier than a canyon, but the noise of the wind gets old. 

The hike to Hwy-41 was uneventful and a 1.5mi road walk south to Sierra City brought us to food!  And, we hooked up with the Professor!

We’re going to stay the night close by then hit that mean uphill (3,000ft gain) wed morning. 

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