Tired of snow already…

Sunday, Jun 12

We wanted a short mileage day…we got it. The original plan was to take it easy the first week back on trail, to get our “Trail Legs” back. And had there been no snow it would have been a good plan. 

The south sides of the mountains are blissfully free of snow right now. The north sides and under dense trees still have 2-5ft of snow. It makes for slow, exhausting, and sometimes scary travel. 

Hiking Word O’ the Day:

Posthole: when the snow gives way and your foot sinks to your ankle. Your knee. Or your crotch. 

Sunday we managed 11 miles and were spent. The weather however has been great; clear, crisp and warm. Great hiking weather. The snow has been slushy but firm, not hard and icy. Otherwise we’d have turned back. (We’re not crazy…honest!)

We’ve seen 9 people hiking southbound so far.  I was surprised. A few have passed us, of course.  We’ve earned our hiking names!

Here is a tree that was hit by lightning:

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