Barrel Springs

Made the 13 miles to Barrel Springs and decided to stop. It’s such a nice campsite, has water and the next campsite is 4 miles and on s ridge. Warner springs is just 9 miles tomorrow where I can buy food for the next leg to Idylwild.  

Milestone: I passed the 100 mile point!

At Barrel Springs we had a Trail Angel!  “Veggi” handed out beer and made chocolate chip pancakes to all hikers! A lovely lady who hiked the PCT in 2013. 

So far this has been an amazing experience and I’ve just started. 

The last picture is the Spring.



3 thoughts on “Barrel Springs

  1. Great to see a peer (almost – I’m 65) doing the PCT. I’d love to hike it, but my wife would never accept a 5-month absence, so I content myself with lots of hiking in the Cascades and Olympics, here in Washington. I look forward to following your progress. Stay strong and enjoy the process.


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