Eagle Rock and Warner Springs

With the nicest nine miles so far, over rolling grassland and following a creek down a mild canyon, I arrived at Warner Springs. It’s not a town, really. Just a fire station and post office, but they have an awesome Community Center that caters to hikers!  Outdoor showers with towels and soap, laundry, and they fix a mean lunch for $6. 

I’m digesting lunch waiting on laundry. (I’m third in line). The shower was wonderful and the feeling of being clean is pleasant. 

I can understand the reason for hiking through the open desert; It makes one appreciate the green grass and trees that much more.  You really don’t get the importance of something until it’s gone and back again. 

On the way I passed a rock formation: Eagle Rock. Not sure if it is entirely natural, but it is impressive. 

I expect to do at least another 4 miles tonight. It’s 40 miles to Hwy-74 where I will try to hitch into Idyllwild.  25 miles of the PCT east of Idyllwild is still closed due to a fire last year, so I may as well hitch and maybe spend the night. And I have a reason to get to Idyllwild by Wednesday. 

I have a ride scheduled Thursday morning BACK to Lake Morena. There is an Event there commonly called the “Kick Off” that is a Must-Attend for Thru hikers. They have seminars and manufactures show their latest gear. April 24-26. I will resume the hike afterwards. 


5 thoughts on “Eagle Rock and Warner Springs

  1. I’m glad to see you’re progressing and that things are going well. It sounds like you have a good plan for the next few days. How’s the foot doing?


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