Short hiking day

My hike started late today.  I wasn’t on the trail until 10:30a, mostly due to my stay in Julian yesterday. 

I haven’t talked about where I stayed!  The Julian Hotel is this old hotel built in the 1800’s and renovated to modern wiring and plumbing. They serve “High Tea” at 5pm and a wonderful full breakfast. The best part is they are “Hiker Friendly” (cater to dirty PCT’ers) and even launder your clothes for free!  All that for $72/night (hiker rate!)

The lateness started because their breakfast doesn’t begin until 8am. (but SO worth the wait)  

Right after 9am I was finally ready to hike the PCT; I just needed a ride 12 miles back to the Trail.  So I decided to hitch.  After 55 minutes the realization hit that a scruffy, old man hiker was not high on people’s chance list. πŸ˜›  But it did happen! A nice fellow named Tim gave me a ride back to Scissors Crossing. 

Once on the trail, the sun was high and so were the temps.  But 11miles is still decent considering my poor, tender feet.  The Zero Day in Julian was well worth it letting my feet heal. 

Warner Springs (21 miles) is easily reachable by Sunday. It is now 7:40pm and getting dark, time to retire. 


3 thoughts on “Short hiking day

  1. Glad to hear you were wise enough to rest to allow your foot to heal. Not sure if that’s enough time though.
    I got a head cold and a yeast infection that make me so uncomfortable. Infinitely appreciative to have easy access to medical care and medication. It would have been so awful in a trail in the middle of nowhere.
    Bonne continuation!


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