Anza-Boreggo Desert SP

Hiking in the desert is all about water.  The general rule of thumb is one liter per five miles, but the desert isn’t general; the heat and low humidity raises that. Couple that with long stretches between water sources and you sometimes must carry 5-7 liters or more. 

The first 700 miles of the PCT crosses some very arid climates; low desert, high desert and several mountain ranges. Today’s section travels through the Ansa-Borrego SP. Another hiker, Cat who is a biologist by trade, was really excited to see this section

From where I start at Scissors Crossing, the next reliable water (Barrel Springs) is 27 miles.  There is a water cache at Gate-3 (someone leaves jugs) at the 14 mile point, but there may be none when I get there. 

Oh yeah, and it’s mostly uphill the whole way. Fun times!

My foot still hurts to walk, but the swelling is down so it’s time to hit the trail. I’m starting with 6 liters (13.2 lbs) so the pack is heavy.  I wish I could count on that cache…

Next resupply is Warner Springs, and I should arrive there late Sat or mid Sun the 19th. 

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