Zero day?

I have to take a day off today. (Zero miles hiked)

My right foot is seriously trashed. Large blisters on the ball (bottom) of the foot, big toe and the whole front of the foot is swollen and it hurts to walk. I drained them yesterday but they need a rest. 

I believe I have found the cause: Dirt. Specifically, dirty socks. 

I tested these shoes with 50 miles of walking/hiking and they performed wonderfully…with clean socks. Now Dirty is the mark of the PCT hiker and I didn’t give much thought to socks. They worked great until day 4 when the rotation went back to the first sock and the dirt encrusted fabric acted more like sand paper.  By day 5 the foot couldn’t take any more. 

Now this is a hard thing as I’m in the desert and water is precious. Do I have to use a liter of water just to wash socks? I guess I do!  Damn, more water to carry. 😦

So I’ll stay today, Thursday in the tiny town of Julian. If grumble more, but the object is to finish the PCT, and I’ll do that. 


14 thoughts on “Zero day?

  1. I will be following this blog during your trip. My husband and I recently made a pact to hike the PCT in 10 years for our 25th wedding anniversary. This is my first time following a thru-hiker’s blog, so keep the updates coming! Know that some extremely busy and active mom of 5 children is cheering you along to the end, looking forward to the day she gets to be out there.

    Dirty socks/dirty feet. Haven’t thought that could be a real issue. Putting that one on the mental list. 🙂

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  2. This might sound funny, but one of my hiking instructors told us he rotates his socks by wearing them inside out the 2nd time around. It might look funny, but it seems to work for him.

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  3. We met a through-hiker 2 years ago at Warner Springs who was about 1 week in and he had blisters on both of his feet. He was a very experienced hiker (had done the Appalachian trail) and he said it was just part of the beginning of the hike. Your feet will eventually toughen up, even against the dirt. Hope you get some good rest!

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  4. Hey there HalfFast! Just started following your blog. Thanks for the nice pics and posts so far! Julian…good place to put your feet up (literally!) and enjoy some pie! Best wishes from sunny SoCal!

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  5. Section hiker here, we just did Campo to Lake Morena. No blisters and I attribute that to: stopping every two-three hours to take socks off and air feet; liberal use of Body Glide; and every day, rinsing out one pair of socks. Doesn’t take a lot of water. Hang socks on pack to dry as you hike. Hope it gets better.

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