Stagecoach Campground

if someone had said I’d be in the back of a Sheriff’s cruiser on my 5th day, well therein lies a tale…

It was a 15 mile day to Scissors Crossing, which is a fancy name for a place the PCT crosses a back road. The trail was the most Barron so far. Very open desert with spiny cactus and something called Goathead Thorns which to hear the locals talk are armor piercing.  


At the junction the town of Julian is 10 miles to the west, and a campground 3 miles to the east. 

I choose the CG and started to walk. Now, I have NEVER hitchhiked in my life, but I figured why not try?  (Keep in mind I’m a filthy, stinky old man hiker right now)

After 10 minutes I heard the first car! So I took off my hat and stuck out my thumb, until I saw the light bar on top. So I turned around and kept walking. 

The car pulled over and I thought “Uh oh, ID check”. Instead the guy says “Need a ride?”

Sure!  He was a great guy and very PCT hiker friendly. I really needed that ride!  My right foot is trashed and I was hobbling. 

The CG is very bare…it’s desert after all. But what a deal!  $8 for a site and free showers. $3 for laundry, which I despretly needed. It’s great. 

So I’ll start tomorrow fresh and clean!  


4 thoughts on “Stagecoach Campground

  1. Sounds like an angel is looking after you. I may not comment everyday, but I always look forward to your daily updates. I’m sure I’m not the only one. (You have a developing fan base).

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  2. It’s always an adventure to hitch-hike for us who rarely do it. Well that sure broke the hiking-only patter. Thanks also for depicting what the scenery is like bc otherwise i would have no idea.
    On the bus to work on a gorgeous day in the San Francisco Bay, lucky me.
    Bon courage!


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