I passed on the campsite at mile 62; it was exposed and the wind was fierce. Another mile I found a bare spot on a hillside where the wind was lighter and I made my camp. In hindsight, it didn’t help much. 

It was  dark and stormy night… Well a chilly, windy night anyway.  Between the wind buffeting my tent, Border Patrol doing flyovers and people walking by with headlamps it was not a restful night. 😛

I will be SO glad to be far enough north of the border that a nightly visit by some flying machine won’t be needed.  Seriously, the second night something flew over that I couldn’t identify.  How far north is the question?

This morning I woke to much less wind and a heavy coating of dust covering everything. I broke camp early and started at first light. I do my best miles in the morning. 

I have a Trail Name: HalfFast. 

I told the old joke “I’m not slow nor fast; I’m Half Fast” to a group. Someone piped up: “That’s your trail name!”  Uhhh, no, no I want a cooler name”.  They voted and I got it. I’ll keep it for now. 

Just don’t say it quickly. 

Some desert pictures  


2 thoughts on “HalfFast

  1. Hi HalfFast,
    I think it is really cool to have a trail name! Not a bad name at all.
    Thanks for sharing photos. Had no idea what it looked like.
    Si i guess you’re not using earplugs or that didn’t help much
    Went to court today to contest a traffic ticket. Half a miracle happened bc the officer didn’t show up and the ticket was dismissed. Very happy to have saved $248.
    Wishing you luck too, and to do the right thing.

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