Bittersweet day, today

This was an emotional day. 

It started poorly: I overslept and missed a conference call at 6:30am. This really bummed me out since it was mostly co-workers wanting to say goodby.  

You see, this was my last day at work and I wanted to at least savor it. To go out as a class act, not someone who “skipped town”.  It’s not every day you can retire, after all. 

It picked up later on; I had some other calls and several coworkers reached out to congratulate me. My Exit Interview went smoothly, if not a bit long, and I was free early in the afternoon. 

The highlight was in the evening where I and 10 others had an excellent Retirement dinner in my honor at a local Italian place.  Three hours later we staggered out much heavier and happier. (Adult beverages may have helped). 


Work is now officially over and I can concentrate on moving out and getting the final pieces done for my PCT trip!

22 Days to go!

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