2014 PCT Survey

There is another Blog where the writer hiked the PCT in 2014.  As part of that, he also surveyed everyone he could find and compiled the results.  His 2014 PCT Survey has some interesting factoids but what I find most telling are the questions like “What was your least favorite ..?”  Great stuff for me as a measure to align myself with.

I should point out my biggest resource was and is “Yogi’s Pacific Crest Trail Handbook“.  This is a Micro-Published book by a woman who has hiked the trail numerous times and really focuses on the details you need on the trail.  Very well worth the $40 price.

Ohhh, man.  36 days to go!


2 thoughts on “2014 PCT Survey

  1. The “Halfway anywhere” guy has been to a few different places it seems. I forgot to ask… is the PCT your first trek or have you done a few local ones? {Jason H}


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