Olallie Lake to Timberline

The final stretch.

Tuesday, 8/7

Welcome stay at Olallie. Things I liked:

  • Got rid of trash!!! It’s amazing the volume I generate daily.
  • Pit toilet! No cat hole in the morning.
  • Table to have dinner on.
  • Nice lake with a killer view to wake up to.

However, not a good start to the day. I took my time and left at 6:40… And promptly turned the wrong way and hiked up a storm for nearly two miles before realizing I was an idiot. So, four miles later I finally headed north. This just killed my day. 😥

Camped next to a spring. Peaceful but damp and cold. Hill climb in the morning but pretty easy the rest of the day.

Wednesday, 8/8

The hill wasn’t too bad and I still made 10 miles by noon.

Stopped for the night at a real nice lake: Timothy Lake.

I’d do more miles, but the damned feet are back to hurting. 😞

However, that dip in the lake sure felt wonderful. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thursday, 8/9

19 miles to go! Annnd, it’s all uphill. Literally.

Timberline Lodge is 2,800ft higher. UGH (whine, whine)

And the smoky haze is back. I haven’t seen Mt Hood since that one time from the 7k ridge several days ago, and now the view sucks. 😞

And the hike up almost killed me. Seriously.

For reals!

I couldn’t wait for the hike to be over, But DAMN I’m exhausted. Now to catch a ride to Portland.

Here I am above: filthy, stinky and proud at the top!

Entering Mount Hood area:

A very small part of Timothy Lake:

A small gem: Little Crater Lake! Actually a spring making a deep, cold pool. The pictures don’t do the deep teal color justice.

9 thoughts on “Olallie Lake to Timberline

  1. CONGRATULATIONS !!!! Now you can get back to normal and feel good about finishing the PCT.
    By the way what are the other 360’s doing? Did they complete the PCT also?
    The LOF

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  2. Totally enjoyed following your adventure, Michael! Thank you for taking the time (and effort!) to chronicle the haps and mishaps along the way. Your honesty was well received and made it that more enjoyable to read.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations Michael! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I’ve so enjoyed reading excerpts along the way. Quite an accomplishment, again congrats!


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