McKenzie to Olallie Lake

Friday, 8/3

I used Lyft for a ride to the trailhead and got on trail by 8:30! Bad news: more lava rock. 😖

Met a couple of ladies who said once past Santium Pass there wasn’t any more volcanic trail. Yea!!!

Made it to Santium Pass and called it a night.

Saturday, 8/4

The climb out of Santium wasn’t too bad, and I bid goodbye to the Sisters.

By the afternoon I said Hello to Mount Jefferson, a really pretty extinct volcano. Per the maps I’ll be hitting the south and west sides tomorrow.

Sunday, 8/5

Over 10 miles of fresh burnt forest. (Last year) Slow going, dirty and sad.

I stopped partially up a 2,500ft climb.

Monday, 8/6

I climbed to 7,000ft and what a view! My Jefferson to the south and finally a view of Mt Hood to the north! The end of my journey…

Also at the top: Snow fields. In August!

Stopped for the night at Olallie Lake where they have a small resort store. Bliss! I didn’t want a beer, but a soda and potato chips were wonderful.

View from the porch at Olallie with Mt Jefferson.

Here is the view of Mt Hood:

Ice fields in August! Can’t get a break…

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