The “Sisters” near Bend, OR

Monday, 7/30

Got food and lunch at Shelter Cove, then put some miles in.

Tuesday, 7/31

Even at 6,000ft the afternoons are still in the high 80’s. I try to do most of my miles before noon.

At least the nights are cool… rarely more than 60 and frequently in the 40’s.

Wednesday, 8/1

Aruuugh! Ripped the crotch out of my hiking pants! I sewed it together using dental floss, but I’m gonna need new pants.

I was afraid of the pesky mosquitoes finding the hole. 😳

I did it trying to climb over an almost four foot downed tree. Damned trees.

Luckily there’s an REI in Bend, OR.

Thursday, 8/2

The Sisters are nice looking. These are old volcanoes near Bend. Wish we could see them better.

Reached McKenzie pass and got a ride into Bend. Got my pants and food at REI.

Here are my pants in all their glory. Yeah, I can’t sew worth beans.

One thought on “The “Sisters” near Bend, OR

  1. Having a little crotch air conditioning can be nice, but yes! with the bugs it can be a bad thing and not worth it at all.
    I’d suggest you don’t go into tailoring without more practice at sewing! 🙂
    I hope your blister has calloused and is not giving you a hard time of it. Love the pictures even with the smokey haze.
    Be Safe,


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