Shelter Cove

Friday, 7/27

Leaving Crater Lake and it’s a dry section. I heard there was a water cache near the northern entrance, so I planned for it.

Yes, it was there!

Damn, Oregon is lacking in water. Sometimes there is a lake off the trail, but adding 1-3 miles round trip to a long day isn’t really what I want to do. 😣

Saturday, 7/28

Smoke. It’s what Oregon is all about. I’ve noticed the cool nights seem to push the smoke haze down to the lower elevations. The afternoon heat brings it back. Lovely. Here is a morning shot of the haze just waiting to pounce.

Sunday, 7/29

More of the same.

Monday, 7/30

Finally reached Shelter Cove. They have WiFi! And burgers!

You just can’t swim. 😳

Yeah, just don’t drink the water.

Here is the wonderful water cache. It just wonderful how people these.

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