Birthday on the way to Etna

Sunday, 7/1:

The day was clear and hot and I had nice shade for most of the day. The last third where I was up near Castle Craigs State Park was bare rock. It was also in the heat of the day which made it even tougher. I made a nice campsite around 2:30 and called it quits. I figured 11.3 miles in 89deg weather was good enough for the first day.

Observation: water may be an issue this year. Creeks that are “Seasonal” are already dry. I had to bolder hop up a creek to get water for dinner. Looks like I’ll be carrying extra from now on just in case.

Monday, 7/2:

My Birthday on the trail! I am 66 going on 99. (That’s what my body feels like right now)

Had a nice cool morning, great for the long grade.

I’ve got cell svc on this ridge, so updating!

Below is Castle Craig’s up front and behind.

3 thoughts on “Birthday on the way to Etna

  1. Well… I’d say 11.3 miles is dam good.
    Wondering about the other members of the Three Sixty’s? Did they go on and complete the PCT? You can answer this when you have good servjice and lots of battery, it’s not that important otherwise.
    I am enjoying the great photos as well as your posts.
    Be Safe

    The Lone Old Fart

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    • Bill, I met you and the gang in 2015. WOW three years ago. Of my two buddies, Turtle did finish in 2016. The Professor did sections in ‘16 and ‘17 and will be back on the trail this year starting in Ashland, OR.


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