Back on the trail – on to Rainy Pass

It was the perfect time to be off trail. It rained all day and night, but we were warm and dry at the Densmores. The morning opened with fog, but no rain. 😄

It took almost an hour to grab a hitch back to the Pass and we’re waiting for the Ski Lodge to open so we can grab a quick bite before we are back on trail. 

This next section is normally 125 miles, but at least 50 miles of the trail is closed. We have our food at a different town (Darrington) than originally planned. The resort town we were going to use, Stehekin is cut off by fire closure. 

One section at a time…

Onward to Canada!  


2 thoughts on “Back on the trail – on to Rainy Pass

  1. C:\Users\Pete\Pictures\Hiking Pictures\2015 Hikes\Mt. McCausland\DSCN4149.JPG
    We met both of you today on the PCT at the junction of the Smithbrook Trail. Here is the picture I took. We are the Trail Mix Hiking Club and we hike every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Hope you have a great trip!


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