On to Snoqualmie

Starting on the next 98 mile leg of Washington. It should take us 7 days and it looks like the weather may hold.  

Oh, and we are keeping track of the mileage!  As/of White Pass we have gone 1307 miles. Since the PCT is 2,660 miles overall and half way is 1,330, we expect to hit the Halfway mark by lunch on Monday. 

Sunday, Aug 2 ——–

We left before 6am into a cool and cloudy morning.   The trail was a gradual uphill then flat with the sun behind clouds all day. Nice hiking weather.  We did 16 miles and camped next to a tiny stream. (1,323 miles)

Monday, Aug 3 ——–

We’ve done it!  Past the half-way mile mark for the PCT!!!  It’s all downhill from here. šŸ˜‰

Woke to a cloudy morning and it stayed that way all day. It rained briefly last night, but held off and was dry throughout the day.  Good hiking weather at any rate. 

Sadly the clouds ruined the views of Mount Rainier, one of the prettiest volcanoes around.  We hiked through the eastern edge of the park. 

We crossed Chinook Pass, Hwy-410 in the afternoon. It was a busy road but no cell service. šŸ˜ž

 Tuesday, August 4 ——–

Somehow in the last day I hurt my lower back. This morning I could hardly stand up straight. Carrying the pack was painful. By lunch I could no longer lift the damned thing and resorted to strapping it on first, then standing up. It was a very long day, but we finished 16 miles. 

At least the weather was nice!  We said goodbye to Mount Rainier as it slipped behind other mountains. 

 Wednesday, August 5 ——– 

Water issues again. We had camped near a spring so we would have water for dinner. This section has water in five miles, ten miles and twelve miles and 23 miles.  So we tanked up with four liters at the 12 mile spring and hiked till we found a camp at 19 miles!  

The  weather started cloudy, damp and cold but the sun broke through by 9am and the day was wonderful. We made camp by 4:30 and it looked like s storm was moving in. 

Thursday, August 6 ——–

It rained all night. Not heavy, but steady…the kind that sounds nice against the tent. We slept well and the rain conveniently stopped at 5am before we got up. 

The day was cloudy with occasional drizzle and kept the plants wet. Lucklly I now had my Rain Pants! Brushing against the plants now soaked the outside of the waterproof pants and I stayed dry!  Sadly, my shoes were soaked within 15 minutes and stayed that way all day. šŸ˜ž  thank goodness for wool socks. 

Another 15 mile day, but we are now one day away from Snowqualimi. 

Friday, August 7 ——-

The final leg: 16 miles to Snoqualmie Pass, and they were hard miles. 

The day opened with sun for a change and stayed nice all day.  We met several trail crews building bridge/platforms over several small creeks. We thanked them!

At the end we passed under some ski lifts at Snowqualimi Pass, and decided to take a shortcut down the slope directly to “Town”.  The “Town” is a motel and Gas Station/Post Office With a wonderful little trailer in the parking lot that catered to hikers with free beer and soft drinks. Good food as well!  

My old co-worker, Marlee Butler lives in Snoqualmie (not Snowqualimi Pass) and picked Pat and I up and took us home. Showers and Laundry! Yea!!!


Turtle, Marlee and myself overlooking Snowqualimi Falls. 


4 thoughts on “On to Snoqualmie

  1. Congratulations HalfFast,

    Of all the people I have been following, you are now the lone survivor of staying on the trail. The last couple I was following (HoneySpooners) has left the trail for adventures in Alaska. So HalfFast is a fitting name indeed, you’re not a tortoise but definitely finishing the trail. Man how time flies. Feels like yesterday you were complaining of the long trek down the mountain (as were all the PCT bloggers) and walk across the desert (as were all the PCT bloggers) into Palm Springs/I-10 area. Ha! And here you are in Washington. Thanks for taking the time to write it all down to share with us and your pictures. It’s been a fun to follow through the summer.

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