So long, Mammoth

A full day to recharge was awesome. Shopped for food at Von’s and a Whole Foods clone and ready to hit the trail to Yosemite in the morning.  

We had awesome pizza last night and great Mexican food tonight. The only pictures I have are of the pizza place, John’s.  


Here is the gang, left to right: Floyd, Turtle, Fireant, Mother Goose, Marilyn and Professor.  We killed two 18″ pizzas. 😄


One thought on “So long, Mammoth

  1. Two hikers encountered a big black bear. The hikers became afraid and began to run. The bear gave chase! One of the hikers said to the other hiker as they were sprinting away – “Do you think we can outrun the bear”? The other hiker replied – “I don’t know, I just have to outrun you”!!!! 😝 I wanted to give you a laugh for your birthday! Happy Birthday! You inspire me! 🙆🏻

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