Onward to Mount Whitney

I’ve only met one person who read the book Wild who really bought into the whole “The PCT will Change My Life” bit. In her book, Cheryl started her journey at the Tehachapi Pass. So did this guy, who was dubed “6 by 6” because he was pushing 400lbs and looked 6ft tall and 6ft wide. 

We heard about him from the Angel “Jetta Blue” who gave him a ride a few days before us to the trail head and could tell that this guy did not belong there. Sure enough, the guy managed to make it 17 miles to the first water source; dehydrated and exhausted. He spent a day there recovering and turned around to go back to the pass and that’s where I met him.

Yes, he failed. But it was the smart thing to do. He wanted a life lesson; what he got just wasn’t the one he sought. 

We spent a wonderful Thursday afternoon and evening in Horseshoe Meadows.  Lots of puffy clouds came by, but no rain.  šŸ˜‘ Figures…the forcast was for rain, which was why we waited. 

I talked to a couple who were near Whitney Wed night and said it poured for almost eight hours. I don’t feel so bad for leaving the trail and spending the night in Lone Pine now. 

Today, Friday we hit the trail early to try to get the miles in before any afternoon storms. I’m up high enough to get cell reception again. 

Below shows the difference 24 hours makes:


2 thoughts on “Onward to Mount Whitney

  1. Run into Big Spoon and Hands yet? Seems you guys are near one another now. Been following Hands as well who met Big Spoon on PCT and married a few weeks ago.


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