Back to the Mountains!

Drying off is bliss. I ran down to the laundromat last night and washed all my clothes. It was a week since Lake Isabella, and what wasn’t wet was grungy.  Showered wearing clean clothes is a nice feeling. πŸ˜„

I managed to fit the Bear Can and everything into my pack. Barely. πŸ˜“  Damn its heavy now. 

We decided to go back to Horseshoe Meadows and camp for tonight since the water should have subsided by now. Then we can get an early start Friday morning and make it over Cottonwood Pass (11,160ft) and back on the trail. It may still storm on us tonight and maybe Saturday, but the main storm was yesterday. We hope… 😏

The plan is to summit Mt. Whitney (14,500ft), go over Forester Pass (13,180ft) then exit the sierras at Kearsarge Pass to Onion Valley and resupply in Independance or Biship. This should take 5-6 days and was the original plan. 

Don’t know if I’ll have any cell svc in the meantime, so it’ll be next week when I’m back on-line. 


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