Starting the Sierras

We picked up a new member of the group and devised a clever plan to save our backs. 

Pat (Turtle) had his brother and nephew meet him at Kennedy Meadows Campground. The nephew, Wesley, really wanted to hike with us, but didn’t have the equipment for a long hike. So he will hike with us 3 days and exit at Horseshoe Meadows. 

His brother agreed to carry all of our Bear Canisters and extra food for us so we’d just have to carry 3 days of food out of Kennedy Mdws!  This reduced my food load from 19lbs to 6lbs!  (8 days food = 16lbs + Bear Can = 3lbs)

I’ll still have to carry the damned Bear Can from that point, but it was 40 miles I didn’t have to! And I ate three days of food out of it. 

Bear cans are required for back country camping in Sequoia and Yosemite Natl Parks. I’d hate them more but they really have reduced the bear problems. 

We left Kennedy Meadows on Monday with a perfect hiking day: cool and clear. We hiked 15 miles and stopped at Cow Creek.

Tuesday opened with cloudy sky’s and misty rain came in at noon. The heavy rain held off till 6pm and I had my tent up by then. 😃

Today dawned with no rain, just a cold wind. I’m off to Trail Pass. 

Pictures: I’m 1/4 through the trail!  


5 thoughts on “Starting the Sierras

  1. Who’s that handsome man next to the tree? Oh, is that you? Looking good bro! LOL 😊 1/4 there is so awesome! Your group sounds like a lot of fun! Good wishes to you! 😆

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  2. Love that Handsome rugged look on you. I’m so happy your thru the desert and into the trees and mountains. I’d love to see some pictures of your Friends your hiking with like the wild Scottsman. I really do love keeping up with you and I have the map on my wall pinning my way up to see your progress.
    You stay safe Big Brother. I love you bunches.

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