Last 52 to Kennedy

Cowgirl. Trail names are fun. Back at Acton KOA there were many hiker boxes; Some with clothes. One of the people in our group, Robert didn’t have trail name. 

Wanting to wash all his clothes, Robert raided the boxes and found a nice pair of sweats. He came around showing us the pants…but he failed to notice the writing, in huge letters down the left leg:


We dubed him “Cowgirl“!  Robert still has a problem with this name. 😜 Us being his friends don’t care and have continued to call him this for weeks. We’re hoping it sticks. 

Marilyn. Bill, our mad Scotsman, had read that wearing a Kilt was better than pants for long hikes. So he ordered one for hiking the PCT, and does indeed enjoy it. 

Being a true Scottsman, he also wears his “Full Commando”…which can be interesting at times for his companions, and others. 

We were in the parking lot of Von’s Grocery in Lake Isabella when a gust of wind caught bill when he was bent over.  After the other shocked patrons scurried away, we all laughed and Mother Goose dubed it the Marilyn Monrow moment. We’ve been calling Bill “Marilyn” ever since and he likes it. 

Just 52 miles to go. Looking at the water report, the first water was at Joshua Tree Spring. We decided to make that our stop for the night even though it was only 12.9 miles.  The next site with reliable water is the BLM camp Chimney Creek at 17 miles, then another 15 miles to the Kern River which leaves 7 to Kennedy on Saturday. 

Stats from the Mexican Border to Kennedy Meadows campground:

  • 705 miles!
  • Total cumulitive feet gained: 131,840 (and you thought I was just whining)
  • Total cumulitive feet lost: 128,610

The hiking was uneventful with the terrain changing from scrub brush and cactus to pines depending on elevation. (5,000-8,000ft). The biggest deal for Myself and most people is that the desert terrain should now be OVER!  <does a little happy dance 😄> 

Kennedy Meadows is the Head Waters of the East Fork of the Kern River and a nice place with summer cabins. Every hiker has at least one food box waiting for them at the little store. Depending on a persons plan for resupply, they will carry 7 to 15 days of food. (Average 2lbs per day)

I’m going with 8 days of food which should get me to Kearsarge Pass and the towns of Independence or Bishop where I can buy food, shower and wash clothes for the next leg. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first saw the little Kennedy Meadows store. I had been so looking forward to this day for so long that I had painted a picture in my mind of an awesome place. 

The reality is a tiny country store. There no electricity in the valley, no cell svc, no internet. Everything is solar or generator. It was beautiful. 😍 

One nice thing that happened was: when I arrived people applauded! Just like in the movie Wild. They do this for anyone who walks up to the store. 

Mother Goose said this is the first time she’s seen that. (This is her forth time through here) We can thank the movie Wild for that, since they did that in the movie. 

Wow!  Cell service at mile 734, Owens Valley Overlook. 

Pictures: Store and U.S. Camping. Also, someone dumped a Dell Laptop in the hiker boxes!  You never know what you’ll find. 😜


One thought on “Last 52 to Kennedy

  1. Love your blog. I haven’t heard from my hiker in 4 days. He was supposed to hit Kennedy Meadows on Monday or Tuesday. Good to know you didn’t have cell phone service. Makes me feel better. Thank you!!!
    Good luck


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