Mojave – desert and turbines

After a windy night, Sunday started with blue sky and no wind. The trail follows the California Aqueduct  for many, many miles and is mindlessly boring. Even though the temperature was 79-82 the sun was very strong making this a tough section. 

I should mention at Hikertown I caught up with my buds from earlier: Turtle, Cowgirl (Robert), Mother Goose, Nikki, Bill and a Mother/Daughter pair from British Columbia.  Most are over 60, we all hike slow and they are a great group to hang with. 

One wonderful surprise was at the 13 mile point we stumbled onto Trail Magic!  This being the Memorial Day Weekend this group of family’s come out every year to ride dirt bikes and ATVs. They own a small plot with a permanent shade structure, tables, RV parking and fire ring just off the trail and they invite hikers over for free drinks and food every year. 

Pure luck I was there on the holiday weekend, but it was fun and very appreciated. 

Eventually we went on to the 18 mile point and made camp in the wind farm amongst the huge generators at a dry stream.  It was an unpleasantly warm, windy and noisy night. 

Monday dawned and we all left early eager to gain some elevation and be away from the noise.  We planned a short day of 15 miles, which was mostly uphill. (3,000ft to 6,200ft)  This leaves us with just 10 miles of downhill on Tuesday before we hit the hwy and attempt the hitch to Mojave. 

There was a small creek at 5 miles and we planned for a 20 mile waterless stretch to the hwy. Once we gained elevation the temperature cooled and it was pleasant again.  Near the place we planned to stop someone had left water, apples and chairs.  It was very nice, but we all regretted carrying 10-13lbs of water up that darn hill. 😓

Monday evening cooled into the 30’s and I had the best sleep in days. 😊

Tuesday we all rose early and headed downhill. We knew a burger was waiting there for lunch and we made excellent time!  We called a guy who gives rides to hikers for $5/head and arrived at Motel-6 in Mojave before noon. 

I’ll be in Mojave until Thursday waiting on packages. ğŸ˜ž

Lots-a pictures!  Here is the trail following the defunct Owens Valley Aqueduct.  

Here are those nice people with the Bikes and RVs.  

Goodbye to the dratted windfarm.  

Our motley crew stopping at the first shade in 4 hours. 

Lastly: I’ve climbed over and under 100’s of downed trees, but I have never seen one blown upside down on the trail for us to walk through!  


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