On to Mojave – Hikertown

Blue sky today!  Still a bit cool and windy, but otherwise outstanding hiking weather. 

I left the Andersons about 6:30 and got a hitch to Elizabeth Lake Dr. There is another PCT trail closure due to a fire in 2013 that necessitates a road walk. After 6 miles I reached the town of Lake Hughes and ate a nice breakfast.  You can rejoin the PCT through a side trail in another six miles, OR keep on the road and reach Hikertown in 17 miles. 

I chose the road and got a hitch after another 7-8 miles. So, a short day mile wise. 

Hikertown is in the beginning of the actual “High Desert”. (Referred to as “The Mojave”)  Flat, bare, dry and typically HOT. 

But not this week. This unseasonally cool weather is finally in my favor!!!  The weather report is for 79-82 for the next three days, which is awesome. 

Hikertown is a large piece of property (several acres) with many small buildings built to emulate a small western town. It’s quite cute. There is a “Donation” of $10 to stay in one of them. They are all spartan: no electrical, water or bathroom in most. But it’s a place to stay, and they make several trips a day to the local market/restaurant down the road.

I decided to spend the night and will leave early in the morning. It will take 2 1/2 days to get to get to Willow Springs Rd. where I can hitch the 12 miles to the town of Mojave. 

I have two boxes waiting for me in Mojave: one is food, the other is a new Backpack. 

I’m too upset to discuss the backpack right now. More on that later. 




3 thoughts on “On to Mojave – Hikertown

  1. Sorry to hear about your pack. The light weight packs on average only last one long thru hike especially the PCT and CDT. On the AT they do fine because your only carrying three to four days worth of food or less and the water is close at hand. The Z-packs are notorious for minor flaws that can just be very annoying. The good thing is they will replace them, but you are delayed somewhat. Its the price you pay when you go light and you got to be prepared for it. Lucky your not between Kennedy Meadows and VVR, a 10 day stretch, and have these problems like I did. I did bring with me a heavy duty sewing needle and extra floss string to make the repairs. Happy Trails


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