On to Acton KOA

Saturday ——–

Well, the snow was far easier to hike in than I anticipated. I started early at 6:30am at the point I stopped before which was at 7,000 ft. The snow was crusty/icy and wasn’t too bad to hike in. I made good time (only slipped twice) and once I got below 6,000ft the snow was really thin and below that there was none. 

The area I’m hiking through is an old burn area, so no shade and just brush. Luckily the weather is still cool, not hot. So, great hiking weather!

I had planned to do only 15 miles, but the only camp site was on a very windy ridge. So I trudged on to the next available spot: the Fire Station at 20 miles. I like that I can DO 20 miles, but it wipes me out. 😞

Sunday ——-

Mile after mile of more burn area. Kinda sad because so many trees were lost. Still cool weather so the miles went fast. 

Today I planned to hike 18 miles and stop at another ranger station. I’m ahead of schedule and will be at Acton KOA on Monday instead of Tuesday.  There is a silver lining to longer days. 

Pictures!  The top is the last goodbye to Mt. Baten Powell.  The left are Coyote tracks in the snow. (Mountain Lions show no claws). The right is the definition of irony: the sign warning for falling trees gets clobbered by a falling tree. 😏   


The last is mile-400 at Camp Glenwood!  (A summer camp and it was closed)


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