On my way again, again…

Like a broken record, this is the third time I’ve set out from Wrightwood. The residents here are nice, and I’ve become a familiar face, but I really, really want this one to stick.  Really! 

At least the 34 miles I hiked Wed/Thu won’t be in vain; I will get a ride back to where I stopped Thursday afternoon: Mile-398. (Almost 400!) The only difficulty will be walking in 4-8″ of slushy snow until I drop below 5,500ft, which I will briefly, then climb again to 6,700ft then drop again. At least two days of wet shoes, but the sun should be out which makes ALL the difference.

However, there is no help for it unless I wanted to wait a week for it to melt. 

Annnnd, No. 😎

The plan is to hike four days to Agua Dulce; roughly 60 miles.  I originally was going to stop at Acton KOA, but the town of Agua Dulce is just 10 miles further. So it depends on trail conditions, (snow slows me down by half) where I will end up on Tuesday. 

Tuesday afternoon my lovely and talented sister will pick up a stinky old hiker. (Me 😜)

So, depending on cell service I may be out of touch until Tuesday. 


3 thoughts on “On my way again, again…

  1. Yes! Get moving! Soon it’ll be June and your shoes won’t be snow soaking wet and then it will be the 4th of July. In life, there’s a season for everything says my friend. Enjoy the trail and yourself. Looking forward to your next thoughts, experiences and pictures. Hike on!


  2. Great that you don’t have to walk the same mileage and you get to start from where you last left. Sorry to hear you will be walking w wet feet/ shoes. I’ll ask the Sun to help you 🙂
    Like you came back to Wrightwood and don’t seem to escape, i came back to someone whom i should have left behind . Like you i’ll end up leaving and continue my ascent towards new summit, new territory and the immaculate purity of freshly fallen white snow -i know yours will be slush tho 😦
    The journey continues …


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