Down the mountain, to Ziggy’s I will go…

The night in the cabin was OK. There were six hikers total: four in bunks and two on the stone floor.  We all slept warmer than the couple of Hardy souls who wanted to greet the dawn outside. Six bodies warmed the inside to above freezing. Very comfortable. But, the bunks were old and creaked whenever anyone moved.   And the midnight bathroom run was announced to all as well because the door hinges creaked.  So I was toasty warm in a dark room with creaking all night.  I still slept well. 

Alas, I bid farewell to the alpine climate so like my beloved Sierras and it’s back to the heat of the desert. 😞

I slept at 10,800 ft.  The bottom of the hill is San Gorgonio Pass at 1330ft where I-10 crosses before dropping into Palm Springs.  A 9,500 ft elevation drop!

The pass is 27 miles from the peak, which is tough enough. But 20 of that has no water after the last stream up on San Jacinto.  I wasn’t up for a 27 mile death march, so I filled up with six liters of water and made camp part way down at 6,000ft. 

A friendly local out for a hike said Palm Springs will be “Triple Digits” on Wed.  So I will break camp at first light and try to do the 15 miles before the heat sets in.  And it’s just 2 more miles to Ziggy & Bears house; Another “Trail Angel”.

In the meantime: 200 Miles! 


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