San Jacinto Summit 

Got a late start from the tram and it was slower hiking the summit than I planned. By the time I was ready to decend it was almost 4pm, so I chose the hut for tonight. It has four bunks. 

And I won’t be alone!  Eight other PCT hikers have arrived and will either use the bunks (3 left) or tent camp outside. Busy morning mountain tonight. 

It shouldn’t drop much below mid-2o’s tonight. A good test of my 20deg quilt. 

The view from the summit was awesome! The first two shots are looking south toward the border then north toward Baten Powell.  

 Then me:


4 thoughts on “San Jacinto Summit 

  1. I didn’t realize doing the trail was so social. I guess that helps a lot for such an endeavor in lots of different ways.
    That hut is so cute!
    Hoping you are able to get warm.


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